The AKCES corpus

AKCES - acquisition corpora of Czech

Parts of the AKCES project

Czech as a Second Language (CzeSL)

Czech as the first language

  • Schola 2010 - transcripts of classroom conversation between teachers and pupils, available in the KonText search engine, available for download as AKCES 2 ver. 2
  • ROMi 2013 - essays of pupils using the Romani ethnolect of Czech, available for download as AKCES 4
  • ROMi 1.0 - recordings and transcripts of conversation with pupils using the Romani ethnolect of Czech at school, available for download and search on: LINDAT
  • EarlyFamily 2018 - recordings and transcripts of spoken dialogues of 1-4 year old children with an adult
  • Skript 2012 - corpus of essays in the search engine KonText, available for download as AKCES 1
  • Script 2015 - comparative corpus of school essays:
    • in the environment TEITOK
    • in the environment KonText
    • not updated version in the environment TEITOK on the ÚTKL server


This work was supported by the project „Creativity and adaptability as a prerequisite for Europe's success in an interconnected world“, reg. No.: CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_019/0000734, funded by the European Regional Development Fund.