Institute of Theoretical and Computational Linguistics

Faculty of Arts

Charles University

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Our library offers books in the fields of formal and general linguistics, computation, logic and other.

Location of the library:

Jinonice (U kříže 8)
Building B
2nd floor, No. 2016

Opening hours:

Monday and Friday after the arragement with Mrs Horčičková. Exceptionally on the other days of the week before 8 a.m.

We introduce this measure for the following reasons: Mrs Horčičková is not a regular librarian, she is primarily a secretary (but only as a part-time employee) and so she has many other tasks. After we were moved to Jinonice, it takes much more time to deal with the Institute's matters at the Dean's Office. Also, it is no longer possible for her to cross the street from her second workplace and lend a book at other times than on Monday and on Friday.

You can arrange to borrow or return a book by email (Lenka.Horcickova (at) or by phone (l. 753 on Monday and Friday, l. 693 on other days of the week).

Watch also Aktuality on the Czech home page where we will announce unexpected obstacles (such as illness).

We apologize for this worsening of availability, but we did not cause it, nor is it in our power to improve the situation.

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